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Twitter has done something special to the way we try to get in touch. Discussions on Twitter take place in the open. Everyone who wants to participate can do so, whether or not they know each other. Companies increasingly seek out these discussions, no longer passively waiting for customers to flock in. Globally, Twitter already boasts over a hundred million active users; an impressive number for a service that only came into existence in 2006. It's not surprising that a growing number of companies actively use Twitter to better reach customers. Expand your brand together With Livecom's 6G suite, you can simply organise your Twitter account(s) alongside all your other communication channels. Based on the catchwords you define, you can quickly see where topics are broached that are relevant to you, and by whom. In addition, we ensure you keep a grip on the significance of these discussions. Of course, you don't always want or need to join a conversation.

Livecom provides insight: which discussions demand action straight away, and which only require passive reading? All your familiar functions are available in our suite; there is no longer need for any other applications. Arranging contact lists, sending direct message... Do it all as before. Except that now, you can do it all using one simple platform: customer engagement at your finger tips. Spectacular results 72% of consumers use social media to determine the customer service a company offers before buying anything. By effciently deploying all direct (online) channels, you can intervene timely and effectively in order to: Respond to service and product questions; React to complaints and emotional arguments connected with your company or organisation; Actively provide and share information (and thus forestall the inquirers); Voice matters that are relevant within your organisation; Follow trends within a relevant range to you; Actively guide on the available channels and spread the workload.

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