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How to Sell on the Fastest Growing

Online Marketplace in the World

As part of DigiDutch, we give you all you need to sell online in China.


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The Chinese market is highly attractive because of its size, its growing middle class and a high demand for Western consumer goods and services. But how do you make the most of these opportunities?

How do you sell your products online in China? Which e-channels should you choose? How should you conduct marketing and should you have a Chinese brand name?




8 expertises8 expertises - image                                                   


DigiDutch will help to answer these questions for your company as we help you sell online in China. We do this by giving you a dedicated project manager who lives and works in China and knows the market inside out.

Do you need someone to manage your e-commerce from strategy to branding? Or do you need someone to handle online marketing, customer service and the legal stuff? If you’re looking for a tailor-made solution for your needs, we are here for you.





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Who We Are


DigiDutch is a group of companies providing specialist B2B e-commerce services in China. With 50 years of combined experience and 200 employees at your service, we use our skills to help your business to be successful in the Chinese marketplace.



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What We Do


DigiDutch gives you the tools you need to succeed in the fastest growing online marketplace in the world.

We were launched officially by the Dutch Prime Minister in Shanghai on 15 March 2015, where our initiative also receives great support from the Dutch Consulate.


We Have Helped over 900 Companies to Sell Online in China

Some of the companies we work for include:



Our Services

 E-Commerce Strategy & Market  Entry

We offer e-commerce research & strategy, as well as market entry services. The purpose is to give you strong, sustainable foundations on which to build your profile in China.

Branding & Online Marketing Planning

We help you localise your brand and can create a tailor made online marketing plan for your industry and product or service.

Online Channel Development & Operations

We help to grow your business across a number of platforms. This may include management and strategy for your online shop, as well as logistics and fulfilment services.

Online Marketing Execution & Customer Service

We offer to fulfil your online marketing plan on Search, Social and CRM. We also give you the tools to convert and retain your customers.










The DigiDutch Team




Our Privilege Worldwide Customers