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One single web app for all your customer care



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This module offers your customers the option to be called directly or later, enabling you to better spread the workload at your call centre. Livecom developed three modules for planning and scheduling outbound conversations:


The online visitor can directly speak to your staff member from his computer via Voice over IP (VoIP). This does not require a telephone (line).

CallMe Back

The online visitor who leaves his telephone number via the website will be called as soon as a suitable staff member is available.

CallMe Later

The online visitor gives a preferred date and time when he wants to be called back. He can only choose from dates and times when your staff members are still available.

From chat to speech in a single click

Customers like having different options. With Livecom, you give your online visitors the option to choose among ways to communicate with you. More than that: visitors asking their question via chat (or even within your knowledge bank) can quickly and simply carry on their conver-sation via speech. Experience has taught us that all CallMe and Webcall interactions lead to a better customer experience and a greater productivity from your staff members.

How does WebCall work?

With Livecom WebCall, your online visitors click a call button, possibly connect their headsets and start talking. The call button can be on your website, but also in a chat screen. In the latter case, the chatting visitor will be connected to a staff member as soon as he clicks the call button. It has never been so easy to follow up a chat conversation with speech. This function is ideal for staff members providing complex product support or dealing with complicated customer questions.

How does CallMe work?

With Livecom CallMe, your online visitors click a button (or accept an invitation), which enables them to enter a telephone number. As soon as a staff member accepts the call, he can directly call the visitor.
The connection is established immediately over the telephone line. It is as quick and easy as that.

What happens if ‘now’ is not convenient?

This is covered by the CallMe Later option, enabling online visitors to schedule a call- back appointment during your business hours. All modules forward the full visitor data to your staff members: not only their name and telephone number, but also which page the online visitor is on, how he reached the website and which search queries he entered. Your staff members can use this contextual information to help customers more specifically.

Flexible applications

  • • At times when you are less accessible – for example during a marketing campaign – you can call back your customers at a time that is convenient for both you and them.
  • • Your online visitors can call you with a simple headset or built-in microphone. They only have to click the button on your website, and the Livecom system will immediately put them through to one of your staff members.

You can also proactively invite your online visitors for a telephone call, for example when they linger on a service page and seem to need support.

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