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Livecom Collaboration; The personal touch for online services

Sometimes online visitors don’t understand exactly what you mean. In those cases, it’s convenient to instantly show them a document, diagram, video or internet page. With Livecom Collaboration, you can! Via a co-browse connection, you can personalise online advice or shopping like never before. Your visitors will get a full answer to their questions and a positive impression of your company.

How does Collaboration work?

Both visitors and call centre staff members can launch the module directly from their browsers. As soon as their ‘conversation partner’ is available, the session begins and all participants can get cracking.

The module entails the following functions:

  • • Joint navigation Whatever your online visitor sees, you see as well.
  • • Sharing documents You can jointly watch and discuss nearly anything. The module enables sharing Acrobat Reader files, pictures, Word documents, websites and videos.
  • • Direct contact You can simply have conversations via chat, video or audio. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings and pull- out moments to practically zero: your customer’s reaction will immediately tell you whether your response was inter- preted correctly.
  • • Making notes and drafts To illustrate your words, you can both make notes and drafts on the white- board. Livecom facilitates this with fixed drawing and sketching tools. Obviously, you both see the same ‘sheet’ that you can jointly work on.

Countless applications

With 6G Collaboration, you almost literally extend a hand to online visitors. Livecom is dedicated to maximum flexibility on your website. Imagine the following scenarios:

  • • Offer your customers support at crucial moments, for example when completing an order. They cannot work it out? Via Collaboration, you can show them the way.
  • • Having the right tools, consulting with colleagues is simpler than ever before! Share documents or videos and make notes online. Afterwards, everything can simply be forwarded by mail.
  • • With complex advice topics, you can underpin your words by sharing diagrams and other supplementary documents with your conversation partner.
  • • You immediately make a representative impression on your customers. With the available audio and video connection, you make direct contact and inspire confidence.
  • • You can easily use arrows on internet pages, for example with specific fields on quotations or order forms. This way, you can directly draw the attention of your visitor or colleague to a specific subject.
  • • Do you want to see or hear your conver- sation partner? A video and/or audio con- nection is established in an instant. Or you choose a central chat function, enabling you to directly exchange messages.
  • • Both participants can load documents and send them back and forth

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