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How it works

6G Pro-active monitors all customer activities on a web page. By using preset business rules, actions can be taken in response to on-the-spot chances or threats. A frequent response to live surfing behaviour is an inline invitation to a chat by an online consultant. Different types of action can be linked to triggers and business rules. Invitations can be sent automatically, but also manually by a staff member who monitors the online surfing behaviour.

Examples of triggers:

  • • A visitor stays on a page for more than 30 seconds.
  • • A visitor moves his cursor over a certain button or text for more than 3 times.
  • • A partly filled-in field remains untouched for more than 20 seconds.

Examples of business rules:

  • • A visitor who bought more than €500 online in the past year, is now looking at a similar product-detail page for the third time.
  • • A visitor who entered the website by typing in 'endowment mortgage' on Google, clicks on a detail page but does not proceed to click on the button 'request consultation'.
  • • A visitor who has not indicated he received a satisfactory answer, is leaving the FAQ section.

Examples of actions:

  • • Showing an invitation by a customer service employee for help via web chat (floating invitation).
  • • Showing a VIP telephone number instead of the regular telephone number (dynamic contact button).
  • • Showing a special offer (dynamic content block or placeholder).

Key features of 6G Pro-active:

  • • Pushing inline invitations to chat sessions, chatbot talks, call-me-now conversations or other self-service applications.
  • • Real-time or delayed account of web visits per contact within the 6G Agent Workstation (AWS), with the possibility to set and adjust filters and invite people manually.
  • • Automatic enhancement of contact profiles.
  • • Creation of custom events and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring the influence of online customer contact on conversion and retention (repeat visits).
  • • Real-time and delayed qualification of contacts on the basis of scorecards.
  • • Creating business rules on the basis of triggers and scorecards.
  • • Pushing content and adjusting content blocks (placeholders) on the basis of a short JavaScript code that will be integrated in all pages where 6G Pro-active is switched on.
  • • In combination with 6G Webchat, 6G Call & Contact Management or 6G E-mail, a staff member can simply link separate contact profiles in real-time.

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