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Livecom Co-browse

Livecom Co-browse enables your agents to provide high-value, live collaboration options to online customers and prospects. It gives your company the ability to deliver real-time assistance and convert site visitors into profitable, long- term customers. Livecom Co-browse has one of the most innovative and advanced co-browsing capabilities in the industry. Designed to provide non-restrictive customer service when co-browsing on complex websites, it has an advanced proxy co-navigation server that overcomes severe restrictions that URL-pushing products frequently encounter, such as double posting, frame breaking, cookie synchronization, etc.

Why use Co-browsing?

  • • Enables the agent and the customer to fill out forms together, field by field, even highlighting specific areas of a form or scrolling a web page together for additional clarity.
  • • Allows business rules to be created for specific web pages. For example, a business rule can be written to res- trict agents from submitting forms or viewing sensitive information in certain form fields.
  • • Can be set up to allow co-browsing sessions only in specific sections of the website.
  • • Allows phone agents to provide richer experience by conducting a co-browse session.

Who can use co-browse and for what?

Chat and co-browse tools, often referred to as web collaboration technology, have unmatched potential for improving customer service and increasing revenues. All companies can use Web chat and Co-browse to help and walk non-technical web users through a Web application or Website. Our Co-browse application is used across the board from small to medium businesses all the way to Enterprise companies. There is a great fit with technical support and telesales departments where there is a need to see the end-user screen and sometimes take control of it. Financial services, retail, telecom, and travel companies are early adopters of this technology. Savvy businesses in these sectors are using chat and co-browse tools to attract, win, and keep customers.

What are the key benefits of Co-browsing?

  • • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction by hand holding custo- mers through the application;
  • • Improve online application and transaction completion rates;
  • • Prevent customers from abandoning online interactions;
  • • Stimulate people to use your web channel more;
  • • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty;

Livecom Collaboration

The personal touch for online services

Sometimes online visitors don’t understand exactly what you mean. In those cases, it’s convenient to instantly show them a document, diagram, video or internet page. With Livecom Collaboration, you can! Via a co-browse connection, you can personalise online advice or shopping like never before. Your visitors will get a full answer to their questions and a positive impression of your company.

How does Collaboration work?

Both visitors and call centre staff members can launch the module directly from their browsers. As soon as their ‘conversation partner’ is available, the session begins and all participants can get cracking.

The module entails the following functions:

  • • Joint navigation Whatever your online visitor sees, you see as well.
  • • Sharing documents You can jointly watch and discuss nearly anything. The module enables sharing Acrobat Reader files, pictures, Word documents, websites and videos.
  • • Direct contact You can simply have conversations via chat, video or audio. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings and pull- out moments to practically zero: your customer’s reaction will immediately tell you whether your response was inter- preted correctly.
  • • Making notes and drafts To illustrate your words, you can both make notes and drafts on the white- board. Livecom facilitates this with fixed drawing and sketching tools. Obviously, you both see the same ‘sheet’ that you can jointly work on.

Countless applications

With 6G Collaboration, you almost literally extend a hand to online visitors. Livecom is dedicated to maximum flexibility on your website. Imagine the following scenarios:

  • • Offer your customers support at crucial moments, for example when completing an order. They cannot work it out? Via Collaboration, you can show them the way.
  • • Having the right tools, consulting with colleagues is simpler than ever before! Share documents or videos and make notes online. Afterwards, everything can simply be forwarded by mail.
  • • With complex advice topics, you can underpin your words by sharing diagrams and other supplementary documents with your conversation partner.
  • • You immediately make a representative impression on your customers. With the available audio and video connection, you make direct contact and inspire confidence.
  • • You can easily use arrows on internet pages, for example with specific fields on quotations or order forms. This way, you can directly draw the attention of your visitor or colleague to a specific subject.
  • • Do you want to see or hear your conver- sation partner? A video and/or audio con- nection is established in an instant. Or you choose a central chat function, enabling you to directly exchange messages.
  • • Both participants can load documents and send them back and forth

Intelligent Invitation

How it works

6G Pro-active monitors all customer activities on a web page. By using preset business rules, actions can be taken in response to on-the-spot chances or threats. A frequent response to live surfing behaviour is an inline invitation to a chat by an online consultant. Different types of action can be linked to triggers and business rules. Invitations can be sent automatically, but also manually by a staff member who monitors the online surfing behaviour.

Examples of triggers:

  • • A visitor stays on a page for more than 30 seconds.
  • • A visitor moves his cursor over a certain button or text for more than 3 times.
  • • A partly filled-in field remains untouched for more than 20 seconds.

Examples of business rules:

  • • A visitor who bought more than €500 online in the past year, is now looking at a similar product-detail page for the third time.
  • • A visitor who entered the website by typing in 'endowment mortgage' on Google, clicks on a detail page but does not proceed to click on the button 'request consultation'.
  • • A visitor who has not indicated he received a satisfactory answer, is leaving the FAQ section.

Examples of actions:

  • • Showing an invitation by a customer service employee for help via web chat (floating invitation).
  • • Showing a VIP telephone number instead of the regular telephone number (dynamic contact button).
  • • Showing a special offer (dynamic content block or placeholder).

Key features of 6G Pro-active:

  • • Pushing inline invitations to chat sessions, chatbot talks, call-me-now conversations or other self-service applications.
  • • Real-time or delayed account of web visits per contact within the 6G Agent Workstation (AWS), with the possibility to set and adjust filters and invite people manually.
  • • Automatic enhancement of contact profiles.
  • • Creation of custom events and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring the influence of online customer contact on conversion and retention (repeat visits).
  • • Real-time and delayed qualification of contacts on the basis of scorecards.
  • • Creating business rules on the basis of triggers and scorecards.
  • • Pushing content and adjusting content blocks (placeholders) on the basis of a short JavaScript code that will be integrated in all pages where 6G Pro-active is switched on.
  • • In combination with 6G Webchat, 6G Call & Contact Management or 6G E-mail, a staff member can simply link separate contact profiles in real-time.

Social Media

Recognize your customers

Twitter has done something special to the way we try to get in touch. Discussions on Twitter take place in the open. Everyone who wants to participate can do so, whether or not they know each other. Companies increasingly seek out these discussions, no longer passively waiting for customers to flock in. Globally, Twitter already boasts over a hundred million active users; an impressive number for a service that only came into existence in 2006. It's not surprising that a growing number of companies actively use Twitter to better reach customers. Expand your brand together With Livecom's 6G suite, you can simply organise your Twitter account(s) alongside all your other communication channels. Based on the catchwords you define, you can quickly see where topics are broached that are relevant to you, and by whom. In addition, we ensure you keep a grip on the significance of these discussions. Of course, you don't always want or need to join a conversation.

Livecom provides insight: which discussions demand action straight away, and which only require passive reading? All your familiar functions are available in our suite; there is no longer need for any other applications. Arranging contact lists, sending direct message... Do it all as before. Except that now, you can do it all using one simple platform: customer engagement at your finger tips. Spectacular results 72% of consumers use social media to determine the customer service a company offers before buying anything. By effciently deploying all direct (online) channels, you can intervene timely and effectively in order to: Respond to service and product questions; React to complaints and emotional arguments connected with your company or organisation; Actively provide and share information (and thus forestall the inquirers); Voice matters that are relevant within your organisation; Follow trends within a relevant range to you; Actively guide on the available channels and spread the workload.

Chat Bot

Save time and money

Every contact agent knows some questions pop up more often than others: a small number of questions represent the bulk of the total volume. Why would you have an expensive agent answer the same simple questions over and over, when this process can just as easily be automated? The Livecom 6G Chatbot decreases your operational service costs, shortens queues and improves customer experience. All at the same time. Committed and sensitive In a shop, a polite and sympathetic salesperson is a great plus. Online visitors rather have a conversation with an employee than enter search words in a box. It does not matter if this employee is 'real', as long as the visitor is served. A virtual assistant can represent a lifelike character to offer your (potential) customers the required support.

The Livecom Chatbot inspires confidence, is committed, shows loyalty and can even entertain. At the same time, the Chatbot can detect angry or emotional customers, for example with complaints. If the chat turns awkward, the Chatbot will put them through to a 'real' agent. Excellent service, fine reputation Customers can visit any website they want. So if you want them to buy from you – and not from the competition – you have to satisfy them at the very moment they show interest. Consumers ask for information continuously, any time of day (or night). They hate to struggle with a search engine or wait for an email containing an (inadequate) answer to their simple question. Your virtual assistant reassures your customers they will find what they are looking for in an accessible, interactive way, whenever they want to.

Live Chat

Don't allow the Internet to become a barrier between you and your customers when they need you.

You should rather offer them the possibility to contact your organisation directly, so they won't spend their money at your competitor's. Webchat boosts customer satisfaction, increases sales and improves the operational performance. Your customers are satisfied: they are helped personally without having to pick up the phone and without ending up in an endless queue. And your employees are happy, too: the intuitive interface of the chat application, which also commands all the customer's required context in real-time, makes their job far more enjoyable.


With the implementation of live chat software, 6G CIM clients are able to:

  • • Deal with more than 1 million live chats a month for one organisation.
  • • Increase online sales up to 8%.
  • • Raise productivity by 400% by using call centre agents.
  • • Boost chat volumes by 500% in less than a year.
  • • Reduce costly telephone conversations.
  • • Shorten response times by 30% per chat without influencing the First Contact Fix (FCF) ratio.
  • • Optimise processes and average agent response times with hundreds of preset and real-time reports.
  • • Use reports to streamline all contact centre activities.
  • • Accelerate the response time and step up the First Contact Fix (FCF) by means of monitoring, pushing web pages, co-browsing and instant messaging between agents and supervisors.
  • • Protect sensitive customer and company data with standard security functions, such as concealing bank and credit card data in parts of chat transcripts.
  • • Maximise the agent's productivity by integrating 6G Webchat with the multi-channel 6G CIM Suite.


Extensive features Livecom's chat module can do much more than exchange text messages between web visitors and staff members. 6G Webchat also supports 'follow me browsing', enabling agents and customers to guide each other to specific web pages for a quick and correct answer. Additionally, 6G Webchat offers the possibility of sharing files. Take featuring, an integrated print screen option. Or the sharing of desktop files. Or the possibility to drag complete files from the central data bank and dispatch them to online visitors with a single click. In combination with 6G Co-browse, Livecom 6G Webchat offers staff members and customers the possibility to fill in web forms together, field by field, and to mark specific sections of a web form or web page for added clarity. If a higher level of assistance is desirable, for example when talking seems to offer a quicker solution than chatting, the customer can ask the agent to be called back directly from the chat session via a call-back request by means of (VoIP) telephone or voice stream. The X-Hub facilitates a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution. This integrates Livecom 6G Webchat with an existing Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), so contact centres can keep using their existing infrastructure, besides operating the channels as a blended service. Reduce agent response times, increase productivity and offer top quality:


Weixin is a social media platform offered by Tencent. Currently Weixin has more than 600 million subscribers and over 440 million monthly active users. Weixin offers businesses the possibility to open company accounts where marketing campaigns can be run and, depending on the type of account, users can interact with the company by sending messages back.

Livecom Weixin Module

By deploying the Livecom Weixin module, you can communicate timely and effectively in order to:

  • • Respond to service and product questions on Weixin;
  • • React to complaints and arguments related to your products or services;
  • • Actively provide and share information;
  • • Actively guide on the available channels and spread the workload.


Using the Livecom Weixin module will give you a very efficient way to handle the incoming messages. Agents are able to answer messages in time and are able to use the pre-defined answers from the Livecom system.

Weixin integrated to other Customer Contact channels

Weixin messages are being distributed via the Livecom queue system, and the advantage is that this system will automatically distribute messages according to the workload. This means that messages will be delivered to agents that are doing chats, e-mails, phone, or to dedicated Weixin agents, this is configurable within the system.

E-Mail Management

Increased productivity

Human costs in contact centres often soaks up more than half of the total costs. Livecom E-mail is specially developed to greatly increase your employees' productivity. This is realised by using an extremely user-friendly interface. This makes switching between different screens or applications obsolete. Quickly routing to the appropriate employee at the right time is also crucial to your productivity. With the workflow option, you can automatically route and monitor e-mail messages. All messages are first analysed by content, before automatic suggestions are proposed from the central multi-channel knowledge bank.

Proper responses from your employees

Forget copy and pasting texts from other software. 6G E-mail offers the option to simply request answers from the central multi-channel knowledge bank. Livecom 6G E-mail often finds the large majority of questions itself and the answers can be used with a few clicks within templates. New employees can quickly set to work by using answer suggestions, while experienced employees use their expertise to handle more complex issues. For example: 6G E-mail offers supervisors the possibility to configure business rules that first scan sent e-mail messages by keywords. Next, the filtered answer messages are first forwarded to a specialist before being sent to the customer. Besides, 6G E-mail offers the possibility to use plug-ins to add e-mail messages to external systems like Microsoft Outlook or Salesforce CRM.

Personal service

Make every customer feel he or she is the most important one. By means of web forms, you can define workflow processes and gather valuable customer information, so your staff members can respond personally and accurately. When answering e-mails, employees have access to the full customer history. Moreover, the Livecom X-Hub offers the option of integrated access to external databases. This information can also be used in business rules, for automatic e-mail response and to add template suggestions. Or for a better service when extra information is shown to the employees, like invoice and dispatch data.

Easier for managers

Livecom 6G E-mail in combination with Livecom Supervisor offers managers the possibility to monitor customer accounts, departments, specific groups, interactions, messages and knowledge bank data in real time. Plus, agent performance and service levels can be tallied in real time. With powerful tools to monitor live and generate reports, managing and optimising customer contact handling has become much easier. You can also record how many e-mail messages per day and agent are processed and make a distinction between different queues and categories. With Livecom Reporting, specific reports can be generated based on specific Key Performance Indicators.

Web Self-Service

Dynamic self service with 6G

Livecom 6G Self Service differs from many common self service systems on two major points:

  • 1. Livecom's web self service solutions were developed on the basis of a dynamic structure.This means the entire system is configurable on a multi-channel level. All components can disclose information in different ways, including dynamic FAQs, queries, browsing, guided support and virtual assistance (also called chatbot or autochat).
  • 2. Livecom's self service system automatically recognises user problems, by analysing the self service usage and user feedback. Alerts and review tasks are automatically linked to relevant content owners.


As soon as a customer uses the self service, his actions are analysed, so content and access are continually improved.

What do you have to look out for when implementing a decent self service solution?

It is not just about reducing or re-routing telephone traffic. The self service experience should at least equal and preferably excel calling the contact centre.
It is a misconception that the interaction time should be kept to a minimum. The important thing is that customers are encouraged to stay, especially if they have multiple questions. On the Internet, people are often looking for information they would never make a call for. Bear that in mind. You can use telephone conversations, e-mail correspondence and chats as a guideline, but you can never anticipate on each and every question.

One specific structure or approach rarely satisfies every type of customer. Indeed, one and the same customer can easily end up in different situations that require a different type of guidance.
Once your self service system is operational, you cannot let it take its course. Information changes quickly, and customers pose their questions in a variety of ways, so the profile of their questions is constantly evolving. As customers increasingly ask their questions via different channels, you need to make sure the self service solution provides the answer the customer would normally expect via e-mail, fax, chat or telephone.

Proven self service solutions

Livecom provides innovative customer service solutions, resulting from years of experience. What is more, Livecom excels in the area of help scripts (also known as guided help) and virtual assistance, presented in a chat or dialogue window. In this window, customers can ask questions in plain language. The virtual assistant guides customers and offers them the information they need. Our web self service solutions have proven their worth in the market, boasting Return On Investment rates of up to three months.

Wide user acceptation

A web self service application is only successful if users widely embrace it. Every company needs specific combinations of self service applications to seamlessly meet customer demands and existing company processes. For the integration of the best practice self service, Livecom offers a wide range of applications and templates. These can be simply geared to your specific business needs.

A retail bank, for example, can choose to have a virtual agent welcome all visitors. After a nice conversation in plain language, this virtual staff member can guide visitors to the right web page or put them through to an employee. This agent can proceed to help customers on the basis of clear help scripts that your organisation can implement and modify itself.

At your service

Your customers do not always want self service. To make sure customers are not left unattended during self service moments, it is imperative to redirect them quickly and simply to a real staff member. Livecom's 6G Self Service commands powerful context-analysis technology. This adds the customer's self service session to his or her customer profile. When he or she is redirected, the log is promptly sent along. Moreover, based on knowledge groups, the most suitable employee is pushed forward, to prevent the customer from being sent from pillar to post. Research shows that customers use self service applications sooner if they know a 'real' staff member is standing by.

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