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One single web app for all your customer care



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Solution Management tools

Knowledge Base Wall Boards Report & Statistic Custom Development & Service Consult

Knowledge Base

Based on customer experiences, backend information and internal documents, providing high quality service in a short period of time

  1. Easily follow structured FAQs
  2. Reduce average hold time
  3. Manage knowledge with teams
  4. Help agents & customers find instant answers




Wall Boards

Displaying different charts and widgets in admin screen format to improve operational effectiveness

  1. Deliver real-time status
  2. Measure volume according to progress and availability
  3. Get alerted and notification


Report & Statistic

Easily design customized statistic or summary report and can be exported for further analysis

  1. Quantitative and qualitative
  2. Facilitate an understanding of the content
  3. Interactive Modelling, Scorecards, KPI monitoring, Briefing Books
  4. Summarised views and Operations Reporting

Custom Development & Service Consult

Livecom devotes to understand customer’s perspective and use our insight and experience to provide you with custom development that fulfils all your requirements

  1. Offer customization services
  2. Integrate the core components of your business into Livecom
  3. Satisfy your consumers' and employees needs

Solutions Modules   

Customer ID Binding

ID Binding can store and deliver ID data from your existing system that Livecom platform can use when contacting customers 

Soap API

The use of SOAP by Web services conforms to a set of characteristics that make communication between distributed objects

Custom Tab

This Module will help you displaying certain details in separate tab pages

Server Hosting

We provide cloud-based hosting solutions for your sites and apps that easily accommodate businesses

CRM/ERP Integration

The integration of CRM/ERP makes it possible to link and analyse all backend information and  processes

Digital Marketing Conversion

Through interaction, getting visitors to spend more time on the website, learning more about the company and service




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